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Leader Announces Independent Extended Display for LV5490 4K/UHD/HD Waveform Monitor

Accompanying image shows the Leader LV5490 with the new Independent Extended Display.

London, UK, July 17, 2017: Leader Electronics Corporation announces a major refinement to the LV5490 4K/HD/HD waveform monitor with the expansion of its multiscreen capability. Previously able to show up to four simultaneous test displays, the LV5490 can now present up to 15 user-selectable graphic or data-group elements on its front-panel monitor and via the external monitor output.

“This new Independent Extended Display feature gives production crews, line-up engineers and post-production editors unprecedented control over their test and measurement monitoring configurations,” says Kevin Salvidge, Leader’s European Regional Development Manager. “It greatly extends the usefulness of what is already the most versatile broadcast test instrument on the market. The LV5490 provides all the facilities required to implement the full potential of high dynamic range in both ultra-high-definition and high-definition. Signal displays such as video waveform, chroma levels, colour vectors, bar-graphs, noise, video patterns, quad-3G phase, data tables, camera picture output, colour chart, multichannel audio levels and surround-sound vectors can be freely integrated into a combined display. If a specific displayed element requires detailed attention, this can be selected quickly for viewing at higher resolution or full-screen. Leader’s widely used CINELITE and CINEZONE

Independent Extended Display is being added as standard feature for all new LV5490 instruments and can be incorporated as a software upgrade to existing units. It will make its first exhibition appearance on the Leader stand (12.A10) at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam, September 15-19.

Also making its IBC debut will be the LV5490SER10 direct-digital 4K noise measurement processing option. Measurement of noise in luminance or RGB component chroma channels can be performed in all formats that can be interfaced to the LV5490: IP/12G/3G/UHD/HD/SD. Data obtained from the SDI source is converted directly without intermediate analog processing, allowing highly accurate and highly stable measurement.

The Leader LV5490 offers 4K, UHD, 3G, HD and SD test and measurement features in a half-rack-width by 4U portable unit with a full high-definition 9 inch  front-panel monitor. 1920 x 1080 HD DVI and HD-SDI feeds are also provided to feed external monitors. Simultaneous viewing of up to four 3 gigabit/s SDI inputs is possible, including overlays. The size and location of individual channels can be adjusted on the display using a USB pointer so the user is not limited to fixed-size quadrants. Operators can select the size and position of the measuring area as well as the Y/G/B/R component channel. An alarm can be set to alert operators if the noise level exceeds a predefined threshold. An integral low-pass filter allows elements of the high frequency band to be removed at the time of noise measurement.

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