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LEADER Appoints Jigsaw24 & root6 as a European Channel Partner

Accompanying image shows Jigsaw24 & root6 Head of Systems Integration Phil Crawley (on right) with LEADER’s European Regional Development Manager Kevin Salvidge.

London, UK, September 4th, 2017 – LEADER Electronics announces a new addition to its sales and support network with the appointment of Jigsaw24 & root6 as a European channel partner.

“We use LEADER products ourselves and are highly impressed by their measurement precision as well as the intuitive excellence of their graphic displays,” comments Jigsaw24 & root6 Head of Systems Integration Phil Crawley. “LEADER instruments are much in demand both as reference tools for HD production and post and to handle latest-generation UHD and 4K standards in SDR and HDR. LEADER’s CINEZONE user interface provided in instruments such as the LV5490 multi-screen monitor and LV7390 rasterizer is particularly liked by creative staff because it speeds up the whole business of ensuring accurate camera settings such as relative exposure and focus-assist. Engineers also appreciate the ability to configure up to 15 graphic or data-group elements into a single screen display for viewing on the front panel monitor of the LV5490 or via a connected external monitor.”

“Jigsaw24 & root6 are a very welcome addition to our team of channel partners,” adds LEADER’s European Regional Development Manager Kevin Salvidge. “They have a strong customer base served from premises in London, Nottingham, Manchester and Glasgow. Jigsaw24 & root6 are also at the sharp end of the transition from HD to UHD and from SDR to HDR. I am confident we will see good business from them.”


About Jigsaw24

Jigsaw24 ( is the most magical IT company, providing an insanely great experience over the past 25 years for some of the biggest businesses, creative companies, education institutions, small firms and prosumers up and down the country. The Jigsaw24 team includes some of the best Apple systems architects and integration specialists in the UK. We pride ourselves on being passionate, open, innovative, creative and definitely very different from your usual IT solutions provider.

About root6

root6 ( is a highly experienced supplier of technology to the UK broadcast, film, post-production and media communities, with 19 years’ experience. Characterised by a high level of technical competence and practical experience, many of the team have worked in post-production and understand the priorities and processes. As the world of IP supplements traditional video engineering, knowledge and experience are paramount. Complementing technology supply, root6 provides a range of services from workflow design and systems integration to training and technical support. root6 Technology, the product development arm of the company, develops innovative workflow productivity solutions including the extremely popular ContentAgent file-based workflow management and automation platform.


About LEADER Electronics Corporation

LEADER Electronics Corporation ( develops, manufactures and sells electronic measuring instruments in Japan and internationally. LEADER products, including 4K HDR video test equipment and rasterizers, are specified for research, development, broadcast, production and service applications. Since the company’s establishment in 1954, LEADER has contributed innovative measurement technology for sectors of industry such as home appliances, television broadcasting and mobile telephones. Progressing with measurement technology as the basis of our business, LEADER has evolved its products and supporting services to meet the demands of each era and will continue to pursue various forms of value provision into the future.

LEADER test instruments are high-precision, reliable, easy to use, compact and accountant-friendly. LEADER innovations include the world’s first 4K waveform monitor (the award-winning LV5490) plus the intuitive CINELITE® and CINEZONE® monitoring tools which allow creatives to make optimal use of available dynamic range and luminance. Manufacturing quality is built into Leader products every step of the way. Only the finest parts are used for optimum reliability. At each production run, sub-assemblies are separately tested before they are integrated into the finished product which is then further tested. Less than 0.1 per cent of all LEADER products made are ever returned for warranty repair or adjustment.

The potential needs of our customers are an important factor guiding our strategy as supporter of innovation. Customer feedback relating to our existing products as well as requests for additional technical capabilities are always welcome, receiving our prompt and careful attention.


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