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Videocation Chooses LEADER LV7390 Rasterizer for UHD HDR Orchestral Music Production Studio

Munich, Bavaria, September 25, 2017: Videocation, one of Germany’s most quality-conscious broadcast systems integrators, has purchased a LEADER LV7390 multi-standard multiscreen test instrument for integration into a major new studio installation. The LV7390 will be used during the recording and finessing of concert performances by one of Europe’s most highly acclaimed orchestras. These are being captured in ultra-high-definition high-dynamic-range productions for subscribers to the orchestra’s video streaming platform. The LV7390 was supplied to Videocation by LEADER reseller Video Logic, based at Bickenbach near Darmstadt.

“High-dynamic-range is especially useful in concert hall environments as bright lighting on the performers combined with low lighting in the auditorium is very challenging when televised in standard dynamic range,” says Videocation’s Managing Director, Charlie Nedeltschev. “The need for HDR becomes even stronger with the transition from high-definition to UHD. Originating and distributing in UHD HDR will enable viewers to experience the orchestral performances in their own homes at a very high level of realism. The project includes UHD HDR cameras, mixers and monitors for the auditorium and the video studio plus high-sampling-rate immersive audio with lateral and vertical surround sound.”

“Videocation also specified the LV7390SER20 upgrade module which supports HDR programme production in both high-definition and UHD,” adds Christophe Bingemer, Managing Director of LEADER Europe reseller Logic Media which supplied the the LV7390. “The combination enables the producers to ensure that they are making the maximum use of the available video and audio bandwidth and dynamic range from initial signal capture right through to delivery and archiving. With the rasterizer connected to a large-screen video display, video and audio signal waveforms and related data can be monitored in detail or combined for simultaneous viewing of preselected parameters.”

The LEADER LV7390 is a compact 1U 3G/HD/SD-SDI rasterizer which can be used to measure up to four source channels simultaneously. It can be deployed for desktop or rack-mounted operation. Designed for easy connection into 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI systems, the rasterizer incorporates full-resolution 3G/HD-SDI and DVI-I raster outputs which allow detailed video and audio parameters be checked on a separate monitor in full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. The LV7390 can be configured by the operator to display waveform, vector, picture, audio and SDI status. Display layout is customisable from a wide range of available settings including individual full screen or user-defined combinations. These settings can be controlled from the front panel or via a USB pointing device and saved for fast recall. 60 user-definable presets are accessible. A reference marker can be placed at any position on the rasterized image.

The LV7390SER20 4K upgrade allows the LV7390 to support 4K/UHD programme production and post as well as 4x3G HD-SDI. It includes high dynamic range measurement capabilities for ITU.BT.2100 Hybrid Log Gamma, Dolby PQ and Sony Slog-3 protocols. This capability plus a compact 1U form-factor makes the LV7390 ideal for production environments that cannot accommodate a full size waveform monitor. Also included with the 4K HDR upgrade is Leader’s CINEZONE HDR. This uses false colour to display areas of the image extending into HDR so can be used on non-HDR monitors. Potential issues can be identified quickly and easily without demanding specialist technical experience. CINEZONE HDR reduces the need for re-takes or costly additional hours in post-production. It allows producers to acquire content in HDR whilst being able ensure that content will not require additional re-working for standard dynamic range distribution. The CINEZONE HDR option also supports HD formats.

LEADER Electronics Corporation ( develops, manufactures and sells electronic measuring instruments in Japan and internationally. LEADER products, including 4K HDR waveform monitors and rasterizers, are specified for research, development, broadcast, production and service applications.

Since the company’s establishment in 1954, LEADER has contributed innovative measurement technology for sectors of industry such as home appliances, television broadcasting and mobile telephones. Progressing with measurement technology as the basis of our business, LEADER has evolved its products and supporting services to meet the demands of each era and will continue to pursue various forms of value provision into the future.

LEADER test instruments are high-precision, reliable, easy to use, compact and accountant-friendly. LEADER innovations include the world’s first 4K waveform monitor (the award-winning LV5490) plus the intuitive CINELITE® and CINEZONE® monitoring tools which allow creatives to make optimal use of available dynamic range and luminance.

Manufacturing quality is built into LEADER products every step of the way. Only the finest parts are used for optimum reliability. At each production run, sub-assemblies are separately tested before they are integrated into the finished product which is then further tested. Less than 0.1% of all LEADER products made are ever returned for warranty repair or adjustment.

The potential needs of our customers are an important factor guiding our strategy as supporter of innovation. Customer feedback relating to our existing products as well as requests for additional technical capabilities are always welcome, receiving our prompt and careful attention.


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