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CIE Color Chart Option (LV5490-OP05)

The different aspects and definitions for UHDTV were defined under the ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020 (also known as Rec.2020 or BT.2020).  This standard includes not only the parameters for 4K but also for 8K formats, both considered UHDTV.  As part of these parameters, the respective  color space includes a richer and wider gamut of colors not found under Rec.709 (HDTV) color space.  Therefore, it was established that a more appropriate color space for Rec.2020 is the CIE1931 color chart.


LV5490-OP05: CIE Color Chart

LV5490-OP05: CIE Color Chart


Currently, there is no color monitor in the market that can represent the wider gamut of colors found in the CIE1931 color chart.  Therefore, LEADER implemented a comparative representation of the color space, available on the LV5490 as Option 05.  LV5490-OP05 can display different color standards of the content by over-imposing two different gamut triangles on the color chart for reference.  Users can compare the color space based on standards BT.2020 (UHDTV), BT.709 (HDTV), 525 or 625, all accessible from the front panel of the LV5490.

This option also allows the user to see the CIE1931 representation based on a u’-v’ reference axis, which is closer to what the human eye “sees”, and also the luminance representation on a color background.

CIE 1931 Chromaticity Diagram (u' - v' reference axis)

CIE 1931 Chromaticity Diagram (u’ – v’ reference axis)

CIE 1931 u'v' - luminance Chromaticity Diagram

CIE 1931 u’v’ – luminance Chromaticity Diagram