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LV53xx-OP73 or LV53xx-OP73U

IDX Battery Mount for LV5330, LV5333, LV5380, or LV5382.


We have two types of battery mounts for IDX BATTERIES:



The battery attachment plate is connected with an XLR pigtail.  The user would simply plug the pigtail to the external XLR DC input of the instrument.  In this configuration the battery attachment plate can be installed/replaced by the end user in the field because no hard wiring is required.  However, the low battery alarm indicator will not function because the unit is powered externally.



LV53xx-OP73 IDX Battery Adapter (external connection)



This battery mount is connected directly to the instrument (hard-wired).  No wiring is visible.  The low battery alarm indicator would function properly.  However, this type of mount cannot be installed (or replaced) in the field.  The instrument would have to be sent to our Service Dept. for installation or removal of the battery mount.



LV53xx-OP73U IDX Battery Adapter (internal connection)