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LV5490SER10 – Direct-SDI Video Noise Meter option

The new LV5490SER10 video noise meter option is believed to be the world's first direct-digital 4K noise measurement processor.
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LV5490SER10 – Direct-SDI Video Noise Meter option for LV5490

The new LV5490SER10 video noise meter option allows measurement of UHD/HD/SD noise in luminance or RGB component chroma channels.
※To operate LV5490SER10, one of LV5490SER01, LV5490SER02, LV5490SER06, LV5490SER08 is required for input



  • Noise measurement frequency band
    An integral low-pass filter allows elements of the high frequency band to be removed at the time of noise measurement.
  • Full digital processing
    Data obtained from the input SDI signal is converted directly without intermediate analog processing,
    allowing highly accurate and highly stable measurement.
  • Measurement window
    On the picture display screen, you can set a window to measure noise.
    You can set the size of the window, region by 1 pixel or 1 line.
    If the video level is not flat due to the influence of the lens etc.,
    you can select the measurement window as flat as possible and measure it.

    ※ Although the whole video area can be selected in the measurement window,

    depending on the processing method of the input video signal,

    the surrounding noise measurement value may not be accurate.

    It is recommended to measure within several% using the measurement window function.

  • Alarm function
    An automatic alarm can be activated when the noise level exceeds a user-set threshold.
  • Direct measurement
    You can measure the noise level value simply by connecting the camera to the LV5490.



LV5490SER10 Direct-SDI Video Noise Meter option Data Sheet