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Leader Europe Limited is committed to supporting our valued customers, from the moment they express interest in any of our products to the day that specific product is discontinued from our lineup, including all of the after-sales support our customers require.  Our goal is to provide the very best customer support throughout our wide range of Leader Europe Limited. 

We strive to provide timely and thorough answers to your requests.  When you contact us, we will give you our best advice in order to resolve your problem.

Leader Electronics Corp. regrets to inform you that our Service Department can no longer repair our LV5700(A) and LV5750 waveform monitors.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you and your operations. [Announcement Document]

Product Repair or Calibration for LEADER Products

Additional Product Support


Our reliability is proven by the fact that a very small percentage of our products ever come back for service. Verified MTBF numbers are available on request to quantify reliability expectations for purchasing requirements.


Our commitment to quality extends to the rigorous testing printed circuit board sub-systems and burn-in of products under stressed environments prior to shipment.

ISO 9001

Products are produced in ISO 9001-registered factories.


Help for the proper selection, installation, operation and calibration of test equipment is available before, during or after the sale. We will help you select the most appropriate, accurate and economical test methodology to match your measuring needs. This results in maintaining the consistent and high quality of your products and faster manufacturing throughput to get your products to market on time. After all, when it comes to test and measurement, we believe in solutions that work, period. Just contact our support team to discuss your requirements.


We have literally hundreds of modifications for current and older products to solve commonly requested changes for specific test requirements. Leader always endeavors to make modifications retrofittable to older equipment, protecting your equipment from obsolescence. Many modifications have become standard features in new products. Therefore, when inquiring, ask if a modification already exists for the product in question to meet your application. We realize, in this ever-changing world, test applications always seem to stretch the original design boundaries of the test equipment in question no matter how well thought out the product is.


For those who have the repair capability, call our Parts Department and we will ship parts on a timely basis. Many parts are available for older antique Leader products you have that are still operating. Our feeling has always been that you should be able to get parts at reasonable prices. We make every effort to stock for long-term support.

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Leader Instruments Corporation warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase.